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Our coronavirus survival guide gives you the ultimate checklist to keep you and your family safe.

We show you how to buy three months worth of food for your whole family, on a budget. Our step by step checklist ensures that you have everything you need from toothpaste, painkillers and cleaning products to simple nutritious meals. We have even included recipes with exact measurements.  

The guide

The Coronavirus Watchers community helps you stay connected online with others in your community and throughout the world. You can hear personal stories, share articles and find information with ease.

The community

About us

We have one goal: To help you make informed decisions to keep your family safe.

We're a small team based out of southern Arizona trying to stay on-top of the Coronavirus Pandemic while making information about the disease, it's status, and whats happening next instantly available to anyone who need it. We decided to create this resource to help others like you find accurate helpful information and to adequately prepare for this growing pandemic. 

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